Auburn Grand Opening

The GRAND OPENING for Stew’s Self Service Garage’s Auburn location will be on September 24th, 2022! This is an open house event with the first day to rent a bay starting on September 25th. We look forward to showing off the new location and we have some great things lined up for the opening. There will be cars on display both inside and outside the shop, tours, the chance to book bays, free giveaways, and more! The open house will run from 10am to 2pm, so be sure to stop in to see the new location! Our address is 4715 Auburn Way N Auburn, WA 98002.

How Many Bays?

Everything about the Auburn location is bigger than Kirkland. Auburn has 10 bays available to rent. We’ll feature 8 Rotary 2-post lifts that have a 10,000lb capacity, as well as 2 Challenger 4-post lifts with rolling jacks that have a 14,000lb capacity. The 2-post lifts work great for both cars and trucks that want to get their wheels off the ground. They even work great for low profile cars with the low profile arms. The 4-post lifts are awesome for quick projects and large vehicles. You’ll find the rolling jacks make doing wheels-off work possible on the 4-posts as well! The 14,000lb capacity makes it great for conversion vans and other large, heavy-duty vehicles.

How About The Tools And Equipment?

We will feature a lot of the same equipment as Kirkland, however the workstations are different as well as the tools in the bay. We’ve taken lessons learned in Kirkland and applied them to the tool sets and workstations in Auburn. What are the primary differences? We’ve removed tools that don’t get used and added in quite a few that are frequently asked for from our tool room. We want you to be as productive as possible, so the less trips to the tool room the better. In terms of other equipment, we’ll feature most of the same stuff like transmission jacks, pole jacks, presses, and more. We still won’t have wheel and tire equipment or alignment equipment, but they are possibilities for the future. The same services of fluid and old part recycling will be available at no cost just like in Kirkland.

What About Parking and Storage?

Parking and entrance/exit friendliness is significantly improved over the Kirkland location. The driveway is relatively flat and we have a lot more parking available. The lot is also completely fenced and gated for safekeeping at night. Storage for parts is much better than Kirkland since we have a large, enclosed area with pallet racks. There is a forklift on site as well, so we can accept deliveries without the need for using a liftgate service. 

Get Early Access

We will be doing a soft opening on Thursday September 22nd to test run everything in preparation for our opening weekend. There will be a free 3 hour use of a bay, and we will need a total of 10 cars. We will be picking 10 people at random, and you must be available that afternoon at the scheduled time. On that day, you’ll show up at your scheduled time, be checked into the garage, and then given the chance to use the bay for your allotted time. When you’re done, you’ll check out, and after check out we’ll have a short survey for you to fill out. The soft opening is invite only, so if you are not chosen to attend, please do not plan to come by our Auburn location on the 22nd.

If you’d like to participate in the soft open, submit your info below and you’ll be entered for the chance to win. We will contact the winners by September 19th.

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