What's the latest on the Auburn location?

Our Grand Opening Open House will be on Saturday September 24th from 10am – 2pm. Be sure to visit us then to see the new location!

You can check here for all the latest and greatest news as we progress towards opening our second location in Auburn. We have a lot of work to do in the space before we are ready, so we’ve outlined that below and included some beautiful progress bar graphics so you can get a quick glance on how things are going!

Old Equipment Liquidation


When we took over the space, we also inherited the entirety of everything on the premises. This is lots of old equipment, consumables, parts and more. We’ve sold some of the stuff ourselves, and hired an auction company to liquidate the rest. The auction is now complete and equipment is being picked up from the building. With the auction completed and equipment officially gone, we place this at 100%



The original building was built in the late 80’s, and has had some updates through the decades. We plan to do a bit of demolition to the inside of the space, and make upgrades of our own to bring the building up to modern standards. We have to have an architect design the plans, hire a contracting company, file for permits, and get the work scheduled. Demolition work is complete now with the last couple dumpsters worth of stuff having left. Construction has started in the garage area, and we are making great progress now. Electrical work is complete, painting is done, and we are beginning finishing work while waiting on inspections. Under careful consideration with the google random number generator, we place this completion at 99.2%

New Equipment


Yes, we have LOTS of new stuff to bring in to be prepared for you to work on your own car! From lifts to hand tools and everything in between, we’ve got a lot of stuff to order. We’ve placed deposits and ordered lots of stuff already that has longer lead times. We have nearly all of the equipment we need onsite already and installed or awaiting install. We are still working on getting everything else ordered, but this part of being ready for opening isn’t as time sensitive as other things. Because we are making great progress here while we wait for other things, we place completion at 93%.



We have started the hiring process and are interviewing candidates. We have even hired 4 out of 5 positions already! If you are interested in learning more check out the jobs page by clicking here. 81%, because that seemed like a fun number.

Brass tacks, are you open in Auburn?

Amount of Yes

When the Amount of Yes bar reaches 100% that means we are open in Auburn. Think of this as the total progress bar.

Fine print disclaimer: The Amount of Yes is calculated with a proprietary formula and is subject to change amounts both forwards and back at any given time. At no point is the Amount of Yes a guarantee of anything. Terms & Conditions apply, you must be this tall to ride.

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And now for the Frequently Asked Questions!

Our open house is scheduled for Saturday September 24th from 10am – 2pm! Come by and see the new location!

Stan decided it was time to retire and we took over the space. He’s off to enjoy retirement!

We are keeping it as a tribute to the Stan’s Headers legacy! So many people recognize that header, so we wanted to keep it up as our way of preserving the memory of Stan’s Headers. Stan’s was an institution in Auburn for decades!

We are still deciding on the final equipment list. For now the answer is no, but that can change of course. Popular requests include, but are not limited to; alignment equipment, and tire mounting and balancing.