Be your own mechanic at Stew's!

Bay 7 : 4-Post – Large Trucks, Vans, Class B Motorhomes

The only place to rent a 14,000lb capacity lift to do work on commercial capable vehicles!

You now have the ability to service your own large vehicle without crawling around on the ground. Enjoy quickly driving onto this lift to do fluid changes, inspections, chassis greasing and much more. When you’re done, you’ll just drive right off and be on your way! No more setting the lift, or crouching under the vehicle because the 2 post doesn’t go high enough.

Have a fleet you need to maintain? Increase your productivity by having us train your employees to do the routine fleet maintenance you currently pay a shop to do! You will no longer have to pay your employee to sit in a waiting room, while you pay the shop to do the work. Not only will you save on wasted payroll costs, you will save money off of paying a shop!

Sprinter vans and class B motorhomes will feel right at home on this lift without the height restrictions. Because this lift is open up top, you can take it up to the maximum 72″ of rise that this lift is capable of. Make your undercarriage modifications with ease, and get back to comfortable living! 

Box trucks can also fit onto this lift due to it’s wide drive through dimensions. You can fit standard 14ft box trucks without a problem width or length wise! This lift can even accommodate ambulances. We added this lift to make doing fleet maintenance for small businesses a more reasonable cost. If you have any questions about if your vehicle fits, or about fleet maintenance come on by!

Heavy Duty Lift

Same low rate!
$ 40
  • Large Vehicle Ready
  • Same Standard Bay
  • Faster Maintenance
  • Professional Quality
  • Perfect for all Fleet Maintenance
190" Max
Wheel Base
Info-graphic on vehicle fit on Bendpak HDS-14