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Bay Rental and Description

All bays can be rented with lift use or without lift use.

Stew’s Self Service Garage has six bays with BendPak lifts – 4 bays with two-post lifts and 2 bays with four-post lifts.

Bay selection by lift type: The 2-post lifts are in Bay 2, Bay 3Bay 4 and Bay 5. The 4-post lifts are Bay 1,  and Bay 7.

Bay 6 141025

Bay 1



Bay selection by dimensions: Our standard bay dimension is 16′ wide x 25′ deep except Bay 2 (2-post lift) is a little wider and Bay 7 (4-post lift) is a little deeper.

Bay 6 2 141025

Bay 1 direct drive on


Bay selection by access: All bays are accessed via a 20′ wide door from either side of the building except Bay 1 (4-post lift) is accessed directly through its own door.

Big doors 141025

Access to Bay 1 (closed door) and Bays 1-5 (open door)








Select bay by usage: Oil changes are best in Bay 1. Any job where the wheels need to be removed should be done in Bays 2-5, with trucks being able to use Bays 2, 3 and 5. Any job where the wheels don’t need to be removed are best done on a 4 post lift, also known as the drive on style. These are in Bays 1 and 7.

Each bay rental includes use of:

  • a 450+ piece toolbox (inc.  air tools),
  • an air supply,
  • power and a 50′ extension cord,
  • a workbench,
  • a ShopVac,
  • shop towels,
  • used oil catchment,
  • use of specialty tools including boxed sets and rolling stock (does not include use of tire machines, welding equipment, or drill press)
  • access to AllData manuals, and
  • wifi access