Fresh New Look

Bright New Paint and Lights!

The inside is looking like a brand new space! Our fresh paint has dried and it looks so much better inside than what it used to be! The old yellow/tan paint covered in a few decades of grease is officially gone. We matched our Kirkland location with the same two-tone grey and white look for a nice bright and clean appearance. The white helps reflect as much light as possible while the grey down low helps reduce visible dirt/grease/grime before it can get wiped up. That’s not the only fresh new paint though.

Fresh Outside Look Too!

Is it a new building, or just a fresh coat of paint? You’d have to forgive some people for thinking it’s a new building because other than the shape, the building is very different now! No more pale yellow and red paint, say hello to our fresh color scheme of grey and Stew’s blue! While Kirkland may remain yellow outside, it is not by choice, so we weren’t going to let our Auburn location suffer the same fate. We didn’t want to leave the clean looks to just the inside, and we knew this color scheme would look great for years to come. Next up on the visual changes list is our big sign on the street that’s had a coming soon banner over it. We are excited to have the new sign panels put in!

So What's Left?

Our electrical inspection just happened and we are now signed off on that. We still need to get our fire safety permits done, and there’s still lots of finishing work to go. We also are awaiting on a garage door to arrive so we can have all 10 bays ready to go. We are also working on hiring a whole new team to staff the Auburn location. We have started the hiring process so we can start training them in Kirkland to be ready when we open later this year. Right now we are focusing on getting the workbenches in place and stocked with tools. We are getting closer and closer to announcing a grand opening day, but for now we have to wait a bit longer. We know everyone is very excited, and we are too!

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