Take Your Car On A Valentine's Date!

February means Valentine’s day is right around the corner! Your car has been telling us what it wants for Valentine’s day is to go on a date with you to Stew’s Self Service Garage. We are like the Dr. Doolittle for cars; they just talk to us. Your car keeps telling us they want to be ready for spring and summer driving without feeling rushed into it. Now is a great time of year to get in and do that maintenance or upgrade you’ve been thinking about. As we get into nicer weather, you’ll thank yourself you were prepared instead of wasting nice weather days doing what was put off. As a reminder, Stew’s Self Service Garage is heated and usually has availability same or next day, and we have locations in both Kirkland and Auburn.

New Year, New Roll For Steve

Steve has been with us for over 7 years now, and has been involved with numerous projects and upgrades at the Kirkland location. He’s been due for a promotion and, now that Stew’s Self Service Garage has grown to the size we are now, we can finally give him a well-earned promotion. He will still be around to help customers from time to time in Kirkland, but his main focus will be working on projects to help Stew’s Garage grow. We are still determining his official job title, but for now we will know his position as behind the scenes wizard. Pictured above is when Stew and Steve cut the original foam organizers for the Kirkland tool boxes. Coincidentally, Steve will be working on more foam organizers for his first project in his new roll. Join us in congratulating Steve!

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