Learn How To Operate Our Lifts!

The Write Up

2 Post Lifts

  1. You will be guided into the bay by a shop supervisor and lined up correctly in the bay.
  2. Inspect your vehicle to locate the lifting points or consult our ALI approved lifting point guide. The lift will use the same points you would place a floor jack.
  3. Place the front and back arms on each side of the car to the corresponding jack points.
  4. Go to the lift motor to operate the lift. Every time you press the up button, be sure to press and hold for at least a full second to avoid ‘jogging’ the motor.
  5. Take the lift up until it just starts to engage on the vehicle.
  6. Inspect all 4 lift points to be sure they are correctly at the point you want and they are not crushing your side skirts, or anything else.
  7. When you are ready to continue to take the lift up, once again press and hold the button to go up until the wheels are approximately 2-3 inches off the ground.
  8. Go to the back of the car and shake it up and down by pushing on the bumper, then do the same on the front. You are looking to see if the vehicle wants to tip off of the lift, some shaking is normal.
  9. Once you are confident in the shake test, take the car up until at least the first lock, which you will hear as the loud clunking sound coming from the lift.
  10. Once you are at the height you desire to work at, set the lift down onto the locks by pressing the lower lever in until the lift stops coming down.

4 Post Lifts

  1. You will be guided into the bay and onto the lift by the shop supervisor