Maker Membership – What’s That?

Our Latest, Cool Offering!

Yes, we are adding even more after doing a major bay upgrade! We have had requests for a fabrication style maker space, so we decided to make it happen. Because we don’t do things half way, we decided having CNC equipment was a big must have! The picture above is a concept layout, so that’s not guaranteed to be a final floor plan or equipment list. The goal is for you to be able to come in turn and your ideas into reality, whether it is for a personal project, or for rapid prototyping of a part. The premier piece of equipment will be the CNC mill, but we will still have other machines that will be great for fabricating all sorts of different things from metal. Welders, a band saw, drill press, a bench sander, a chop saw, and more. Before being able to use this space, you will need to sign up for the membership and go through training.

Still asking what a Maker Membership is? Because this service is different from bay rental, we decided to make this area for membership access only. Therefore, to use this space you will need to be a Maker Member. In June we are planning to launch pre-signups as there will be a limited amount of memberships available. You will absolutely want to be a Founding Maker Member. We don’t have a final pricing yet, but that will be announced just before the signups become available. These memberships are for the maker area only, they will not include any sort of extra benefit or access to the garage bays.

CNC Mill & More

Meet the Tormach PCNC 1100, your new best friend when you become a Maker Member. This is a CNC mill that is capable of making parts or objects out of all sorts of materials. Materials include steel, aluminum, plastics, and more! While this is no production grade machine, it is much easier to use, and still very accurate. With a working area of 18″ x 9.5″ you’ll be able to make good sized parts for whatever project you might have.

And now for the more! You may have noticed that there was a whole other area shown on that floor plan. That’s because it’s not just a space in the shop area, there is also a corresponding office area. The office area is meant for more ‘clean’ uses, such as working on your computer, 3D printing, and other electronics work. This is more like a typical maker space area if you are familiar with the concept. It’s also perfect for fine tuning your CAD designs, conceptualizing new ideas, hanging out, or working with others!

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A Glass Wrench Gifted From Brett Franklin Glass

Making A Better Community

When I started Stew’s Self Service Garage in 2014, making the car community better was something I wanted to accomplish. Over the past 3.5 years the Stew’s Self Service Garage community has grown from just us to start to well over 5,000 members. Providing a space for people to work on their car and experience other cars and people from all walks of life has been amazing. I’ve seen pizza delivery guys next to executives, talking about their cars, and working on them. Something you’d likely never see anywhere else, all because of a passion to work on their own car. 

This is of course a business, and I still run it like one, but Stew’s Self Service Garage is a passion project. I truly do care about providing the absolute best experience to everyone who walks through the door. I want you to enjoy working on your car, and to get to meet others who feel the same way. Enhancing the car community by having more knowledgeable people in it, and having a top notch facility to do the work in, are hugely important for this community. I absolutely love seeing when customers go and check out other cars, and talk with other customers in the shop.

As some of you have heard, we have planned on expanding when able. The process is starting, and I am excited to see where the future takes us. Expanding this community to a larger geographic area is an exciting opportunity for us all!