A Grand Return!

Stew’s Self Service Garage returned to business May 18th after a 2 month closure. The good news was we were extremely prepared for a shut down, though we had planned on it never happening. We had multiple months of expenses in the bank just in case we would ever need it. We were excited to re-open our garage doors to everyone and let people get back to working on their cars. Since we’ve opened we have stayed fairly busy, and have been happy to see a lot of you come in to work on your car! While we were closed we even found time to make some improvements, and catch up on maintenance.

Upgraded Tool Room!

We took advantage of the time while we were closed to make some updates to our tool room. We completely reorganized it to streamline getting tools out to you. We brought in an additional tool box for even more storage as we continue to add more and more tools. The biggest change is that now every tool has a set location, which means no more “well it was here last time” while we try and get a tool to you. There are some more additions and updates we plan on making to the tool room, but we are far more organized now!

In addition to the tool room, we made some improvements elsewhere to the shop. We repainted all of the bay stripes, and added additional centering stripes for the lifts. This makes it easier to tell where your bay ends, and the next begins to do your best at social distancing. The centering stripes should make it easier to guide you into the bay to be lined up with the lifts! 

Staying Sanitized

We also have a COVID safety plan to do our absolute best to keep everyone as safe as possible while in our garage. We are sanitizing most surfaces in the bay after each person leaves with an EPA registered disinfectant. This includes the workbench, lift controls, and other commonly touched surfaces in the bay. We are also wiping down our credit card terminal and waiver tablet between uses. Surfaces not as regularly used are also being wiped down hourly with a sanitizing wipe or sprayed with a disinfecting spray. The state, county, and city have laid out regulations as to what the minimum requirements are, but we want to take it a step further as our commitment to your safety. If you are curious about learning more about our COVID plan you can click here and read more about it.

My Personal Exciting News

During the COVID shutdown I got engaged to my girlfriend, Ally. We’ve been together since our senior year of high school, which has been over 8 and a half years. She’s stuck with me through thick and thin while getting Stew’s Self Service Garage off the ground, and I couldn’t be happier to be getting married to her. It was a bit hectic at the start nailing down a venue and a few other vendors right away. Our wedding is planned for next summer, but we had to compete with a lot of people because of the COVID reschedules. We were fortunate to schedule a venue, and all of our vendors for next summer before reschedules made our first choices unavailable. Now we are through the craziness of wedding planning, and on to the fun stuff. Next July we’ll be celebrating, and I’m looking forward to it!

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