Be your own mechanic at Stew's!

Parts Ordering

We Order Parts!

Feel like skipping the line at the parts store? Let us know what parts you need for the job, and we can get them ordered in for you. They will be here and ready for you when you arrive for the job! We are able to get most parts within a day, but sometimes that can’t be accomplished. Please try to give us at least one day notice for ordering in parts, and we will do our best to get the part in on time.

Our Quality Suppliers

We are connected to American Tire Distributors, Autozone, IMC, Napa Auto Parts, Pacific Tire Distributors, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Olympic Brake Supply, Tacoma Screw and more.  Through our suppliers we are able to get quality parts, for a great price. When we save, you save! We do our best to have our prices be at, or below the cost to you at the parts store.

Parts In The Middle Of A Job

In many cases we can get the parts you need while you are in the middle of the job. So don’t worry if something breaks, or you discover something else you should replace “while you’re in there”. While we cannot guarantee what you need is available right away, we do our best to get the part, and the majority of ‘rush’ parts come in within 15-20 minutes. For parts that may take longer to arrive than the 15-20 minutes we will let you know before we order to confirm that will fit your timetable.

See our Parts for Sale page for a great deal on parts we ordered for customers but can’t return.

Over Sized Parts

Need an over-sized or heavy part like a motor or transmission? Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to haul it yourself?  We can usually receive customers parts here – give us a call ahead of time to confirm the logistics.

Over sized parts are typically delivered on a pallet, and usually ship less expensive to business addresses. We don’t have a loading dock, but we can accept parts from a lift gate truck (the usual delivery vehicle). If absolutely necessary, we do have a fork lift on the premises that we can use to lift the parts out of the truck.

The Fine Print

  • Some parts returned before installation may be subject to a restocking fee.
  • No returns or refunds if the part leaves the premises, or after installation is attempted.
  • Any warranty offered by the manufacturer passes through to you. Stew’s does not provide any warranty for parts ordered by, or installed 
  • For parts with a core charge – we will take care of the core charge if a viable core is left with us, otherwise customer is charged the core charge.
  • Stew’s will only accept delivery of customer parts if either 1) ordered through us and/or 2) agreed by us ahead of order