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Wheel Change Special


The Wheel Change Special

Studded tires are legal in Washington between November 1st and April 1st! Come in and change your wheels at Stew’s Self Service Garage.  Don’t waste your weekend kneeling on the wet ground with a flimsy jack and lug-wrench or paying the auto store $50+ to change your wheels for you.  With the lift and air tools, changing your wheels can be one of the fastest and easiest services you can do on your car – and a great way to become comfortable using a lift.  At Stew’s Self Service Garage we have 5 bays to choose from with 2-post lifts – perfect for comfortable access without kneeling or stooping.

This special is also available for rotating your tires, or changing out your wheels even if you aren’t swapping out studded tires!


$ 15
For 30 Minutes
  • Oil Changes
  • Inspections
  • Wheel Changes
  • 450+ Piece Tool Set
  • Always on a Lift